Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Afternoon scout

Went out yesterday for a short 3h scout to find out where the pikes are located at the moment, since I have been of the water for a week. I began way out around the big islands Hasslö & Aspö. At first place, no pikes seemed to be around. Moved just about 30m and directly caught a thin 94cm on a natural coloured tail bait. I hardly saw anything of the +25cm long bait, the pike really took it deep!

Fortunately, the hooks were surprisingly easy to remove anyway, and just a few casts later a well conditioned 90cm took the same bait! The second pike had serious amounts of energi, and fighted very well. To bad I didn't bring the GoPro this time, with only a broken iPhone available, the pictures didn't get to good.

Anyway, 3 more pikes over 75cm came up around the islands "Smörpundholmarna", closer to Karlskrona mainland.

                                                                           All these fish were standing in about 1,5-2,5m of depth.
                                                                           // Daniel