Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Handmade jerkbaits!


Hope you all are doing well. At the campsite we are preparing ourselves for the most busy weekend of the whole summer, Swedish midsummer. We are also having a few company fishing events at the moment and in less than 2 weeks we begin once again with our very popular pike safaris. If you intend to visit Dragsö in summer and want to join one of these pike safaris, don't forget to book in the reception or through e-mail to avoid disappointment.

Furthermore, we still have a small asortment of fishing lures in the reception. Hitmans, The Vicar and also some really nice handmade jerkbaits. Available in variating sizes and of course the best colours possible for our archipelago. Send an e-mail for more details. We can also offer shipping inexpensively.

Tight lines!



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