Monday, May 6, 2019

May update!

May is finally here and as always this is a very busy month for us. Last weekend we were fully booked. We had 17 rental boats out on the water plus another 10-12 private boats. In addition to this, we also had some guided trips and you can understand that we had our schedule filled to its limits!

Weather has continued to be strange. During the last few days we've had several nights where air temperature dropped below zero again. Combined with this, we also had several days where day time offered all sorts of weather. Sparkling sun, wind squalls up to 18m/s, heavy rain, light rain, hail, small twisters... we had it all!

When it comes to results, I would say that you can for sure feel now that activity is slowly getting better. Pikes has now started to spread out from the bays and can now be found in most parts of the archipelago. Yesterday, I had a guided trip with two Swedish men. We managed to catch 18 pikes during the day and most of them was caught around islands. The biggest pike caught by our guests last weekend, at least of what I heard of, was 105cm.

Today we also welcomed Ivan to our crew. He spent a week at our camp some weeks ago but has now graduated from the Swedish Sportfishing Academy, ready to start work immediately! Make sure to say hi to him if you visit us!

Our on site restaurant has been facing some major renovation lately but will soon be ready to open up again. The original plan is to open for lunch at 20th of May while the restaurant will be fully renovated and done in mid June. I can assure you, it's going to be great!

Right now we have a little less than 20 anglers on site with many more to arrive in a few days. Still, a few weekends in May is still open for reservations. Normally, most weekends get fully booked early but this year we still have a few packages available during popular weeks and weekends. Don't miss out!

// Daniel Wickman