Sunday, April 21, 2019

A well visited Easter holiday

My frequent readers will probably understand why the activity here in the blog has been low lately. Simply, there has been no time to sit down and make an update.. However, now it's finally time again!

We're in the middle of easter holiday and at Dragsö we have more than 150 campers/caravans staying over the weekend. Today we also said goodbye to about 35 anglers that tried their luck over the last few days. Weather has been super strange lately. Last week we had 5 consecutive nights with negative degrees which once again created small layers of ice in a few shallow bays in the archipelago. However, this week has been the completely different since several days is reaching air temperatures of 20 degrees. This combined with nothing but sun, no winds at all and low water (-40cm) doesn't really invite to good pike fishing conditions.

Most guests that left us today reported about low numbers and not to many big fish either. At least two pikes over +100cm and the best boat had 25 pikes in one day, while many barely reached a handful per day.

I wild guess would be that approx 4/5 pikes are now done with spawning. However, still we get reports about pikes being caught which still carry their eggs. This is completely normal for this time of the year and most probably it will be a few more weeks until the last fish is done.

Next weekend we'll be visited by approx 30 new guests. But until Thursday, we only have one group at Camp Dragsö.

I will now have a few days off work. Let's see if there will be any time spent on the water... A bad guess is, of course it will be!

// Daniel Wickman


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