Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Getting better

Hi fellow readers!

Most of May has been a disappointing month for anglers visiting Karlskrona. It's been unusually cold and most days has been North/North-East winds. Not the favorite conditions for sure and pikes has for sure not been happy or eager to feed on our baits. May is normally a month when numbers can be great since pikes are feeding after spawning. This year however, not many days has offered good numbers. Many boats has reported between 1-5 pikes/day while as always a few boats finds areas where the pikes are active and numbers of 30 pikes in a day is reached. Still, those kind of reports has been rare for the whole month.

Many guided trips has been on my schedule lately. Unfortunately, many of these trips resulted in low numbers as well. Only a few trips got up to "normal" levels with between 15-28 pikes per day.

However, last days has been warmer and water temperature is now around 14 degrees in average and warmer in the bays. This is for sure positive and maybe fishing starts to get better now. Yesterday I was out for just three hours during a special event with clothing brand Didriksons. Me, Willy and Didriksons representatives Per & Ulf had a really good morning with 20 pikes caught. A lot of missed strikes and followers as well, in areas where there was basically no activity 10 days ago.

A lot more boats have now started to report between 20-30 pikes per day, some with even more. I say, FINALLY!

We still have some busy weeks before summer season starts for real. Hopefully fishing can continue to be good or even better during the last "spring" weeks. Actually, today we've had 25 degrees! The warmest day this year for sure.

And hey! Don't miss the chance to catch some herring or why not horn pike/"garfish". They are here in huge numbers at the moment but soon enough they will all be gone again, for this time.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you at Camp Dragsö Sportfishing in a near future!

// Daniel Wickman