Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fishing season is approaching!

Summer is soon coming to its end and we are more than ready for the upcoming fishing season. Actually, we already have a few groups on Dragsö for some late summer fishing holidays.

This summer has been a very strange one, like many other places in Europe. The warmest July in modern history and also for sure the most dry period for a long long time. The water temperature has been extremely high for a long time to. About 27-28 degrees in many areas of Karlskrona and even higher in some of the most shallow bays. As you might understand, these temperatures has not been great for fishing so our fishing activity has been low this summer.

However, the water temperature has now dropped and is now at 19 degrees which is more normal for this period. Also, the night temperatures is now down at 14-15 degrees which is one of the reasons why the water temperature has been sinking fast.

Some days in the summer has been very good, even though the temperatures has been high. Some meter+ pikes has been caught by our guests and overall I must say that the numbers has been better than last summer.

The first guided trip of this season was arranged just a few days ago with excellent result. In only four hours my guests from Switzerland managed to catch more than 20 pikes and two of them was +100cm. The lads have reported about continuously good fishing last few days, so it looks promising for the start of autumn season.

// Daniel Wickman


I've found that fishing on a calm day with a light breeze can be great. It allows you to cast your line more accurately and the fish are more likely to be feeding near the surface.