Thursday, November 3, 2016

November starts good!

Hi guys!

Finally, November is here and cold temperatures outside is in my opinion very equal to good pike fishing possibilities. I must say that November is one of my favorite months for fishing in our area. Less boats on the water, a lot of fish in shallow waters with the chance to catch really big ones.

Last Friday I had a guided trip with a group of Swedish guys. Very strong winds from west and partly cloudy. We went far east to some big bays with some depths because water level was extremely low. Negative 65cm below normal more or less creates a new archipelago of the area and a lot of bays is not even possible to fish in during those difficult conditions.

At the first drift, it didn't take more than a few casts before the first fish was hooked. We drifted over 1,3-1,5m of depth with success. Pikes very coming up frequently and a few nice sized ones as well. The biggest pikes measured 101cm and approx 93cm. Only small/medium size lures was working well (less than 20cm).

Since I got reports from several other boats about slow fishing, I decided to stay in the same area whole day. It turned out to be a good choise since 38 pikes was landed. My friend Jakob also experienced slow fishing during the first half of Friday before they came to the same area. Within just a couple of hours they also landed many pikes before it was time to head back for the day. Their top fish was 102cm!

Overall, several boats had really low numbers last weekend. The water level continued to be very very low until Sunday and most of times this is equal to bad fishing. Fortunately, water level is back now and today we actually have +20cm over normal level. High water level is many times the opposite of low level when it comes to pikes willing to bite. Hopefully, all the anglers that will arrive today can have some fun out there during upcoming days. About 30 anglers will arrive today and a few more later this weekend. It's our last busy weekend of this season since the upcoming weeks have plenty of openings in the schedule. So it's not to late to experience great autumn fishing guys, book now! :-)

The day before yesterday I went out together with Björn who is the creator of Nettelbaits. We've been fishing together a couple of times before but only in really poor conditions. This time, we went out in good conditions. Strong winds from west, water level just about -10cm below normal and cloudy. I decided to go east again and explore some big bays. We began in the same area as where I was fishing last Friday and it took no longer than five minutes until the first pike was hooked. This was just the start of a long feeding frenzy.

The pikes was biting all day and we shared the strikes evenly between us. In a little more than six hours we managed to catch 55 pikes with several decent ones. The really big ladys were somewhere else this day but of course we were very satisfied anyway. Most pikes was caught on Nettel-laken 2 V2, Renz-Stein Beastly tail and Pig shad jr. All of them in motoroil/copper/brown colours.

Lastly, I also received a nice report from local angler Johan Månsson today. He was out yesterday in quite strong winds and obviously found a very good spot. A stunning fish of 111cm and 11,19 kilos was caught on a Big Bandit close to the reeds. A great fish and thank you once again for sharing this catch with us.

Now, let's hope for some more fishy activities during upcoming days!

// Daniel Wickman


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