Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Advent fishing

Hi guys,

New week and time for a new update in the blog. Since fishing season has comed to its end, I now have weekends off work. Therefore, I went out fishing last Sunday with Philip from Stinger Productions. Strong north/west winds, mostly sunny and a couple degrees in the air. We started fishing about 9.30 in the morning and this day we focused on some bays in the west part of the archipelago.

I must say that fishing started out very slow. During the first hour, only a couple of small pikes was caught by Philip and none by me. Soon enough, I also caught my first pike. Still a small one but always nice to break the zero point and skip the not so flattering word that you are given if you catch no pikes in a day, if you know what I mean...!

Soon enough I was hooked up again. This time it was a better fish that inhaled my Pig shad jr. A big head was shown in the surface very quickly, and with a firm gill grip the fish was secured. The fish measured just under the meter mark and she went crazy in the boat, leaving me with cuts in my fingers. For a second it looked like if I had put my fingers inside a meat cutter!

We continued on and experienced quite slow fishing. Some followers and small bites but nothing serious. At lunch time, we only had four pikes in the boat. Since sun is going down at 16:00, we only had a few more hours on the water. We picked a bay where the wind was pushing in and it didn't take long until a small pike was caught. This was just the start of a feeding frenzy (at least on my rod!). A couple of hours later we were up to 19 pikes in the boat and one more fat beauty of 95cm was caught. All pikes this time was caught in 1.0m of depth.

By the way, on Thursday we will announce the winner of our annual photo competition. All guests that have been visiting us during 2016 are welcome to send pictures from their stay to daniel@dragsosportfishing.se
The pictures can involve anything from pikes, boats, nature, food or maybe something crazy from your dinner barbeque on Dragsö? So please send me what you have, and take the chance to win a unique handmade lure by Jenzza Lures! Winner will be announced on Facebook on December 1st. And yes, you can compete with more than one picture!

At the moment I'm spending most time of my days with storing and giving the boats some well needed love. Since we have 20 boats now, plus the guide boat, it takes more than a month just to bring the boats up and making them ready for next season. As you might have seen in a previous post, many of the boats are getting new engines as well for next season. Really looking forward to it!

Later this week, or in the beginning of next week, I will post a season summary with many pictures and a long text. Hope you will like it.

If the weather wont get to bad, I will spend three days later this week on the water with good friends. Night temperatures will go down to -6 degrees so it will be ice in several bays upcoming weekend. Tough conditions but also the time to catch big mamas in the bays. We'll see if they are willing to bite!

// Daniel Wickman


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