Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cold days and good news!

Hi guys,

A bit more than a week now since the last post in the blog and a lot has happened since then. Earlier this week winter came to Karlskrona with snow and some very cold nights. I was supposed to go out fishing last Tuesday with Philip but the evening before we decided not to, since weather forecast promised snow and minus degrees.

Luckily, we stayed home. The forecast was for once correct and almost ten centimeters of snow was falling. The rest of this week has continued to be cold. Not to much more snow or rain, but still cold night temperatures. Early this morning temperature was down to negative six degrees and some bays already have a thin layer of ice. Yesterday most bays held temperatures between 2,5-5 degrees.

Since season is coming to its end, we have been pulling up many of our boats for maintenance and winter storage already. Only a handful of boats is left in the water and several of these are rented at the moment. Today there is actually many boats out on the water since Karlskrona Pike Tournament (KPT) is arranged with approx 40 teams starting. Hard conditions since most of day will be no wind, a few negative degrees and sunny. It will be interesting to see what the teams can catch. Our colleague Willy is competing again with his team Karlskronafiske. Can they manage to win this competition as well? We will see soon!

I also have some great news to share with you regarding next season. A few days ago we signed a deal to replace eight of our boat engines until next season. A big investment for sure but we want to continue our work with offering a great product that we can be proud of. This is a big step in the right direction to maintain the quality of our products. This means that 40% of our boat fleet will have brand new engines, 40% will have engines used one or two seasons, and the last 20% is still of good functionality but older than two years. It's hard to complain about the boat fleet, it's massive and of great quality. Already very excited for spring season even though we have a few months left of this year.

Next week will be warmer again with day temperatures up to ten degrees so all ice and snow will disappear again. More anglers to come next weekend but I will be off work upcoming week. It's time for my annual autumn trip to Rügen in Germany. Big pike mamas is the target as always and let's see if we can find any this time! Since I'm off whole week there won't be any posts next week but as soon as I'm back it's time for more updates. Until then, take care and thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman