Thursday, September 15, 2016

The light in the end of the tunnel

Well, the headline might sound a bit depressing. But actually I refer to something very positive. For pike anglers, looking at the forecast for upcoming weekend is some very welcoming reading. I know very well that it's stupid to complain about sun, heat and "nice" weather as we're soon going to have ice and darkness. But honestly, seeing the temperature dropping 4-5 degrees with start from tonight is what I and many others have been looking forward to.

As on many other places in Europe, Karlskrona has been very warm for being September with most days last week or so around 21-25 degrees. Most of these days with no wind at all and about 18 degrees in the water. For sure not the best pike fishing weather. We've had four groups here since Saturday for a week of fishing, and three more groups that left today after four days of fishing. Most groups tell about quite slow fishing but there are a few exceptions. One group that I guided during last Sunday managed to go back to one of the places where I went with them and they caught a BIG pike of 115cm. They also caught a 105cm a few days later and some +90cm samples as well. Hopefully we can share some pictures from their stay later on!

Another group from Poland left today and their biggest fish also reached the 100cm mark. Returning guests from Belgium in the company of Lemestre always catch good numbers. Maybe not record numbers this time, but still several days when I've talked to them they were up to more than 30 pikes just in the mornings each day. Will be interesting to hear what their final numbers will be when they come back from their last day of fishing which is tomorrow.

Earlier this week I went of fishing with Björn who is the man behind Nettelbaits. Very impressive lure maker. He brought me two of his "Nettellaken" soft baits and of course I tried them out. Even if the conditions were horrible with no wind and sparkling sun, it didn't take more than five casts or so until a nice +90cm pike was landed. I also ordered a bunch of these lures to our camp so hopefully we will have them available in our reception by the end of next week.

Tomorrow and Saturday will be spent on the water again on guided trips. Winds from east, 6-10m/s is what the forecast say for both tomorrow and Saturday so hopefully we can manage to catch some amounts and good sized fish these days!

// Daniel Wickman