Thursday, September 1, 2016

Season starts NOW!

Finally, September is what the calendar shows when I look at it in the reception. September is for me and many others the month when pike fishing starts for real again after a few months of summer laziness. I guess not many others than fishing nerds understands when I say that I look forward to cold temperatures, windy days and freezing fingers more than the swedish summer. Lovely, isn't it?

Last weekend we had three groups here for a weekend of fishing. One of these groups with returning guests had good fishing with approx 85 pikes caught and one nice meter+ pike on top. The water is still 16-17 degrees, some places even warmer but still some pikes are already in the bays. In early spring and late autumn you can many times see the pikes standing on the bottom of the bays, but at this time of the year the pikes are moving a lot more so it's difficult sometimes to know if the pikes are there or not.

Yesterday was a good example. I went out with Philip for a day of fishing and we tried many different spots. Islands, coastline, bays, harbours... We tried it all and actually most pikes that we caught was inside bays. In one bay of 1,5m depth we managed to catch four pikes very quickly, all of them between 84-94cm. We thought "Wow, they have already started to feed in the bays!". Guess how many more pikes we caught in the same bay within the next hour? None! We could barely see any fish in the bay but obviously we found some pikes on their way of hunting.

Anyway, we continued on and managed to catch 20 pikes in total. Six or seven of these were 84cm or bigger, which is pretty good! Most of the pikes was caught on big tail baits. The funny thing was that a parrot coloured McTail with different kinds of big tails worked best this day. Sometimes the odd things works, even when the water is rather clear and most guys (even me!) would say "Use natural colours!!"

Earlier this week we pulled all the boats out of the water, one by one, to clean them once again from barnacles, algae and other shit that makes the boats slow and look dirty. For sure a hard work, but It's such a relief to have the boats 100% cleaned and ready for the autumn season.

From now on fishing will hopefully just get better and better. More and more anglers will come but this weekend is still a pretty calm weekend. Only 4 groups here while the next weekend will be a bit more busy, nine or ten groups as it looks now.

To be back with more reports!

// Daniel Wickman