Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peak season update

Hi guys!

It has for sure been some busy days lately with many anglers visiting us. Many duties on my schedule forces me to write a little less in the blog than what I normally prefer. Last weekend we had more than 70 anglers at the same time and this weekend about 55 anglers. Some are here for a weekend while some stays on whole week packages.

Last weekend we had some crazy spring weather. Earlier last week we actually had snow one morning when I came to Dragsö, while the weekend offered us 25 degrees, no wind and sunny days. Almost like we got summer directly. This fact didn't give a positive effect on the pikes though since most days resulted in lazy pikes that either just followed our lures or completely ignored our attempts to catch them.

Overall, guests seemed to have a nice time anyway last weekend since weather gave most guys a nice "fishing tan" that will be remembered for some weeks. Only a few boats managed to reach more than ten pikes a day, while several boats had less than that. I also had three full day guided tours during last weekend and all of them resulted in ten pikes/day. No really big ones but still some nice days on the water.

During this week results is much better for most boats. Pikes has spread out widely now and can be found in bays, around islands and even in the outer part of our archipelago. Temperature raised quickly last week and now we can find waters with 15-16 degrees already.

A couple of days ago another monster sized pike was caught by our guests. Some Dutch guests managed to catch a new season best pike of 119,5cm in a shallow bay! Impressive fish and probably one of the longest pike caught in Karlskrona this spring. Hopefully I will receive some pictures of this beauty to share with you.

Numbers variates a lot between the boats these days. Some boats catch 6-8 pikes per day while others reach 30-35 pikes per day.

Today we welcome French returning guests in Krolik company back to our camp. They always catch good numbers and it won't surprise me if they catch new record numbers this year.

Next week we will have two big events. On Monday we're arranging a pike safari for a Swedish company. I think we will be somewhere close to 40 persons in total. Jens from Jenzza lures will assist during this event and I think we will have some nice hours out in the archipelago.

A few days later we will have Royal Fishing ambassador trip in Karlskrona. Together with PikeStrike Sweden and other guides and accommodations we will guide their guests around. Hopefully we can find some pike action and have some fun out there!

To be back with more reports.

// Daniel Wickman