Saturday, August 15, 2015

Autumn season is approaching

Hi guys,

So as you might have seen already the activity here on the blog has been low during this summer and there's two reasons for that. One is that not to many serious fishing sessions has been made by me nor Jakob. Another reason is that we've been very busy since mid June with a campsite full of guests on holiday.

This weekend we're also quite busy with many guests staying at our camp. Summer still invites to sunbathing, swimming and relaxing times for those on holiday. Karlskrona was recently named to be the sunniest city in Sweden (again) and many guests both from Sweden and surrounding countries are taking their last days of holiday to experience nice weather.

Well enough about that... What's interesting for me and you fellow readers is the fact that we're less than two weeks away from hosting the first fishing groups of autumn season. Last year autumn invited to very good fishing so hopefully this year will be the same or even better.

Days spent on water lately has invited to good amounts of pike but the big ones a bit harder to find than usual. This summer water temperature has been lower than normal overall. In the bay of Dragsö we've had between 17-20 degrees in the water while last year was warmer with 18-23 degrees most of the summer. We will soon see how and if this affects the beginning of autumn season.

We're still having fishing packages left for most weekend this autumn but a few of our most popular dates starts to fill up with 2-3 packages booked almost every day now.

Upcoming two days will be spent on the water since I have a couple of days of work. Hopefully I will have a nice report to share mid next! :)

Have a fishy weekend and hope to see you @ Camp Dragsö this autumn!

// Daniel Wickman