Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kayak fishing

Hi to all,

After a well needed break last weeked from work duties I'm now back again to go on with our regular camping season at Camp Dragsö. About two weeks from now our very popular event pike safari begins and before that a few guided trips are booked in my schedule.

A couple of days ago we tried our brand new Jackson Cuda 14 kayaks out on the water. Both me and trainee Willy were very excited about trying them out so after work kayaks went in the water quickly. We decided to paddle out to what many of our guests call to be the 'Dangerous islands', Smörpundsholmarna. About 30 minutes later we began fishing and I caught the first kayak pike within 5 minutes. No biggie, but still very fun!

Continously, we tried on for about 3 hours and ended up with a 90cm pike on top and about 12 in total. A lot of fun for sure and what can be better than using a kayak around all the rocks in shallow parts in our archipelago? When kayak fishing you get exercise, a eco friendly way to fish, much more thrill to catch the pikes than doing it from the boat. And as mentioned, kayaking in those really shallow waters is such a relief without being afraid of hitting a propeller or so. If you have decent balance it's also possible to stand up and fishing in these as you can see on the picture.

These kayaks are now available for rental at the price of 385:-SEK/day.  

Will for sure be more posts coming up about the kayaks. Really looking forward to the next atempt with them!

// Daniel Wickman