Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Up and down


Time for a new catch report from us on Dragsö Sportfishing. At the moment we are just having one fishing group here for a week long fishing vacation. These guys know the area well since they have been here several times before in autumn time. According to them, fishing is a bit hard some days and much better some days. This is what I personally have experienced the last couple of days as well.

Yesterday me and Anton had 30 minutes before the sun went down and I caught a +85cm on a white/blue 22cm shad. The day before yesterday Anton caught a 95cm, this was for sure the most ugly pike I've seen for a while. It was thin, the head was not in ptoportion with the body and the fish was also "albino" coloured on half of its body!

Our guests leaved me some nice pictures yesterday of their biggest pike so far this week. 103cm and this sample was caught in a bay of shallow water. I'm sure these guys will trick some more pikes up before they end their stay for this time on Saturday. Nicely done!

Tomorrow we'll get 5 more groups to Dragsö and more to come on Saturday. We look forward to more catch reports and hopefully some nice pictures!