Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunny May

Hello dear readers!

Unfortunately, we are soon writing June in our calendars, which also means that spring season is coming to its end for this year. We had over 20 degrees for almost a week and all sunny days, almost thought for a while we had moved Karlskrona to the equator centerline. Smell of american BBQ in evening time, happy students in colourful shorts and light upper garments. But, we are not there yet, so lets focus on the last couple of hot (In more than one way) fishing weeks.

Yesterday we said good bye to our first time visitors from France. They managed to catch a total of 367 pikes in 6 days of fishing. I'm waiting for more pictures from them and hopefully we can post them a bit later. One thing is for sure, 9 happy French smiles left us yesterday morning!

Furthermore, we got 2 new fishing companies yesterday, who will spend a week at Dragsö Sportfishing. Since fishing has been good the last couple of weeks, I really think that results will be good! Our beloved weather god seems to smile at us upcoming week as well, as we expect some more clouds, good winds and no rain.

Yours truly will have a day of work on monday, and a good friend of mine will come here for a short visit so there will be time spent on water for sure. Maybe we will have a completely EUPHORIA fishing time ;)

I´ve also recieved a good load of new rippers from my friend from Poland, Olgierd, who had his ways around Karlskrona today. 60 new rippers... Maybe I'll have enough for a month?

Olgierd with a nice pike going back from last years guiding!