Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some more pics from past days


Pikes has really got into feeding mode the last couple of days. I have experienced good fishing 3 days in a row and also got reports about good amounts from other boats as well.

However, I went out with some first time visitors from France 2 days ago. We were going with 3 boats into same areas and had variating results, but after a few hours we could sum up above 25 pikes in about 4 hours with a few nice samples coming up. They also caught a 105cm in their very first day!At the moment the fish has spread out widely and fish are being found almost everywhere. Personally, I prefer fishing a bit further out now around small, rocky islands.

I also went out with returning guests from Holland yesterday.. They had a bit struggle to find the pikes their first day so they followed me yesterday afternoon. In a bit more than 4 hours, 4 fishermens including me, caught approx 40 pikes (Lost count!). Biggest sample measured 93cm and we also had a few more of decent size. Really good fights, they were for sure not selling themselves for nothing.

Furthermore, today I went out with a working colleague of mine for a few hours in the morning. This girl had never, ever, been holding a regular casting rod before in her life. So the result? In the first 10 minutes she had already been having 3 followers and when we went back to Dragsö after 2,5h she had landed 4 pikes on her own! Big applause!


Thanks for all Daniel :) Very nice week with my friends in Dragsö !