Friday, May 18, 2012

Dutchie week is coming to its end


It has been a hectic week for the workers at Dragsö since the campsite at the moment is completely full, both when it comes to cottages and regular camping places.

Fishing has for sure been good this week for our dutch guests, but not as crazy good as past years. Also for the large group of salmon fishermen who spent their week living at Dragsö. A few meter pikes has been up in their boats during the week, and of course safely released again. Hopefully we can post some nice pictures later this weekend of their nice fish.

Also a few guidings this week, it began last Sunday with Klarenbeek and his friends from Holland. We had a hard time finding the pikes like most other boats in the morning since the wind was very low and gave us crystal clear waters. When the wind increased after a few hours, even the pikes started to get on the feed. Small rippers (shads) were effective once again and brought us a nice coloured 85cm. About 9-10 pikes in a few hours did fall for their baits and also one stupid garfish (horn pike). Most of them around the islands not far from mainland and Dragsö. We had best result in about 1,5-2 meters of depth.

Klarenbeek with a nice fish!

I also had some time over after work in the beginning of the week to try out the fishing on my own. Good amounts both Monday and Thuesday.. A few nice sized fish came up but mostly individuals around 75cm.

Nice colours on this typical archipelago pike :)



more successful shad rippers arriving on Saturday :) Fresh shipment from Poland. But you need to wake up early on Saturday (sorry) ;)