Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meter pike beautys!

It's been some time since my last post in the blog. We're now in high season for our regular camping season and our focus on fishing is low as usual for this time of the year. The midsummer weekend is just ended and as always this means a full campsite. All cabins was booked and about 350 campers/caravans has been visiting us during this long weekend. For sure busy times for us and more or less no time for anything else than reception duties. Fortunately, I had a day off yesterday and spent a half day on the water.

I went out on my own and did so with a good feeling. Weather looked great with lots of clouds, strong wind from SW and water level a bit over normal. Only about 15-16 degrees in the air and yes, it was pike friendly conditions!

In my first casts of the day I had several followers of decent size on my brand new Renz-Stein lures "Beastly tail 32". The interest soon resulted in a good strike over 2,5m of water. The fish was super strong and I realized that this fish was for sure a good sized lady. Several times she rushed and pulled plenty of line of my reel. Fortunately, I had prepared my net before I started fishing and this helped me to land the fish easily. The first fish of the day showed up to be 104cm long and was of excellent condition. Great colours and extremely healthy fish.

When I go out on my own I use a spider grip mount for my camera to be able to capture the fish I might catch. This makes it a lot easier and faster to release the fish again. Strongly recommended advice if you go out on your own!

Anyhow, I continued and just a few casts later I striked yet another good fish. A golden beauty of 93cm was the second fish of the day (picture 3). Only minutes later a 85cm was caught. After this, the clouds decided to open up and god pissed on me together with the rest of the archipelago. I got soaking wet and it felt like the pikes didn't appreciate the rain either. Only a few small pikes was caught the next two hours before I went back to Dragsö.

A few weeks ago I landed a 106cm pike in a shallow bay which I forgot to update about. Fishing was slow and that fish was actually the only fish that was biting inside the bay that afternoon. More fish around the islands in the middle part of the archipelago that day...

Overall I must say that fishing is better now in general. Results in May was a bit disappointing but June has resulted in much more activity. Hopefully it can continue like that since our annual pike safaris starts next Thursday!

// Daniel Wickman