Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Peak season update

We are now in the middle of May and days are running by fast. We are having 13 fishing groups on Camp Dragsö at the moment which means approx 40 anglers. These are represented from Sweden, Denmark, France, Latvia, Netherlands & Czech Republic.

Current weather situation
Air temperature: 11 degrees
Water temperature: 10-11 degrees
Water level: - 25cm
Cloudy, light rain, 2-3m/s south winds

As you might understand, the weather and temperature is still overall cold for being the middle of May. Fortunately, it seems like upcoming days will be 17-21 degrees in air temperature. I think this is what's needed to activate the pikes... Most anglers on site still experience a bit slow fishing with many followers. Some boats has reached more than 30 pikes per boat and day last couple of days so for sure results is a bit better than last few weeks. Again, I would say that the water temperature needs to increase a few more degrees before the mayhem can start for real. No reports yet with "crazy" numbers like 60 pikes per boat and day which normally happens every year in May.

Last week the biggest fish measured 106cm by our guests and so far this week many fish of 95-99cm. I have not yet received reports from all boats but most boats report about 7-30 pikes per boat and day now.

Tomorrow five more groups will come for a weekend of fishing. With temperatures increasing, conditions looks quite promising!

During 26-27th of May we will arrange a yard sale of quality fishing lures, of course at excellent prices. So for those of you who are around and/or will be staying with us that weekend, make sure to stop by and fill your tackle boxes! About 20-50% discount on all lures.

See you!

// Daniel Wickman