Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cold days on the water

Hi fellow readers,

Last weekend was spent on the water so why not share a catch report! Last Thursday I had friends coming for a few days of fishing in Karlskrona. Weather forecast wasn't looking that good since a new front of cold night temperatures was coming in.

Our first day of fishing was Friday and I knew that this day would be our best chance to catch good numbers or a big one, since day temperature was about three degrees. Winds were quite good. Approx 6m/s from north/east. I decided to go west and so we did.

Fishing started out a bit slow, but soon enough we had our first bites and landed pikes. There's not much time of daylight during this time of the year since sun is going down 15:30 in our area at the moment. Therefore, I decided to make short moves between the fishing locations to get maximum amount of time with our lures in the water. We found a bay where wind was pushing in and here we caught many pikes in short time. My friend Stefan caught the biggest fish which measured impressive 105cm. The most successful lure this time was pig shad jr. We ended up with a total of 33 pikes caught which is good since water temp was less than one degree on several places.

Day two showed up to be a bit harder. When we woke up in the morning the thermometer showed -4 degrees. This combined with rather low winds from north-east was for sure not going to help us this day. I decided to go to a new area this day far east of the city. We started drifting over 1,5m of depth and quite surprisingly it only took a few minutes before I had the first bite. Minutes later Jocke landed the first fish which completely inhaled his lure. Within 20 minutes we landed four pikes and all of them striked hard and swallowed the whole lure.

After this strike period pikes decided to get tricky to catch. We had a hard time to find any fish willing to bite and day temperature was about 0 - 0,5 degrees. It didn't help us more when wind decreased to be absent. Still, we continued and tried several different areas. Nothing worked that well and we only caught seven pikes in total this day.

Our last day of fishing was Sunday. Or maybe it's a bit misleading to say that we fished. About 5-6 degrees below zero during the night caused a big problem for us since ice was covering all bays in the morning. Literally, we had to break the ice to even get out from Dragsö. This forced us to try the outer archipelago and so we did with no fish in sight at all. No wind and still cold outside made us decide to end up around lunch time with no pikes caught in our "attempt" on the water.

For me it will be a couple of weeks until my next sessions on the water. Until then, take care and thank you for reading.

// Daniel Wickman