Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Awesome Christmas fishing!

Hi guys!

I hope you had a great Christmas holiday and that you've eaten far to much food. Maybe you received some nice fishing tackle in your Christmas gifts?

Since yesterday was a day off work I decided to try my luck on the water. It's been some very windy days during Christmas, some days with wind squalls up to 24m/s. Yesterday during daytime winds went down a little bit to 8-10m/s from S/SW. Water level was good, around normal level. Cloudy with some sun coming thru at some points. For being the end of December the temperature was very high with eigth degrees. In other words perfect conditions for pike fishing!

Unfortunately, I didn't hit the water until 10:30. I decided to stay close to Dragsö this time since I didn't have to many hours to spend on fishing this day. Therefore, I picked a bay where I know a lot of breams normally gather up in winter. The colour of the water was just perfect this time. Slightly murky and about 1m of depth. I started with a SZ McPike in 25cm, red tiger colour. This showed up to be a good decision.

In my very first cast of the day I caught a very good fish. I had just tightened the line and was about to start retrieving my lure. BAM! Fish on! It felt like a good pike and for sure it was. Being alone in the boat is sometimes tricky but fortunately I had prepared my net before starting to fish. After a short fight I managed to land the fish and directly I told my self "This fish got to be 105cm, or maybe more?!".

The pike started to twist in the net and got entangled with the hooks and itself in the rubber net. I cut the hooks just to get the fish out as soon as possible. When I had the fish out of the minor chaos in the net I were almost in by a boat jetty since I was drifting. I asked a guy that was working with his boat if he could help me take a photo of the fish and so he did. I took a quick measure of the fish and it showed up to be 109cm and had a huge head. Condition was pretty good to so for sure a fish around 9,5 kilos or more. I didn't check the exact weight of this fish since she had been in the net for some time and looked a little tired. She went back very quickly though so it was a pleasure to see!

I continued fishing in the same area (obviously) and after about 15 more minutes I had another meterpike following my lure to the boat but this lady missed her attempt to strike my lure. A few minutes later I caught a small pike before I started over with a new drift. It didn't take long until I striked another beautiful big pike and this fish fighted well. Soon enough she was landed and what a success! This lady measured 107cm and pulled the scale to 9,6 kilos. I managed to take a couple of poor pictures with time lapse on my phone..

This day wasn't over yet so I made more drifts in the same area and caught a few more small pikes. Soon enough I found a big school of breams which I unfortunately hooked in their backs a handful of times. Those were some very big breams up to 5 kilos! I knew that most probably some big pikes are standing close to these breams so I dropped the anchor and casted more accurate in the area. It showed up to be a good decision. My third meterpike of the day was a fact and this lady measured in at 101cm. Huge head but a not so impressive body. She needed to eat something, that's for sure.

I went back about 14:30 with seven pikes caught and the biggest ones 109, 107, 101cm. Awesome result since I was alone and only fished for less than four hours. Best lures today was McPike 25cm red tiger, Big Mcrubber motoroil and Beastly Tail 23 in motoroil from Renz Stein lures.

Have a continuously nice Christmas holiday and I wish you all a happy new year!

// Daniel Wickman