Monday, October 17, 2016

Busy days with big pikes in mind

Hi guys!

Time for a new update. Many anglers has been out on the water last couple of days. Both from us, but also anglers who have been in Karlskrona to rehearsal for Sportfish Masters final which is held Friday and Saturday this week. About 500 anglers will start from Scandic Hotel in the center of Karlskrona to compete in this years final.

What about the results then? Well, to begin with I must say that the conditions has been tough, really tough. Very strong winds from east or north-east, with squalls up to 20m/s. Upon that, the water level is and has been low. At the moment about -40cm below normal and last few days has been pretty much the same. For sure not easy conditions, but for the experienced anglers, this is also a time when the big mamas might dance. A few boats managed to find those spots where the big ladys was willing to take a dance.

Viktor and his girlfriend brought their own boat here to try the archipelago. Nothing else than a success. During Saturday, Viktor managed to catch a big and nice lady of 110cm. The fish was caught on a Nettellaken which we also sell in our reception. Great fun! In their last day yesterday, his girlfriend also managed to catch a 99cm fish. Both of these pikes were personal records so for sure a successful trip.

Last few days we've been visited by Dutch fishing agent 'Visreis'. Joris, his brother Lars, Henry and Tim tried our waters for the first time. They were mainly here to gather information and evaluate our product so it can be offered in Visreis portfolio. I must say, their results were great!

I went out with them Friday morning but fishing was quite slow. I think we ended up with ten pikes or maybe a couple more. No big ones. Still, the half day trip gave the lads an idea about where to fish and how. During Saturday and Sunday, all the lads had great results. Joris boat was up to 50 pikes yesterday, and 44 pikes the day before. In total, the four lads managed to catch 151 pikes in three days of fishing. Most of their fish was caught in shallow bays of 0,5-1,5m. I believe they're driving home with a smile on their faces today!

Local anglers are also doing well at the moment. Andreas Nilsson who makes Nilles handcrafted lures was out on a rehearsal during the weekend. They caught several big fish of 113, 106 & 102cm in the same day. Our good friend Fredrik from Renz-Stein lures also did good as his boat scored 466cm in their top 5 longest pikes of the day last Saturday. Impressive! Great results guys!

As mentioned earlier, we still have approx -40cm below normal water level. This is making the archipelago quite difficult to drive in with the boats. During last two days we have now switched seven propulse propellers for our guests. So one thing is for sure, you really need to be careful when driving out there upcoming days!

To be back with more reports later on :)

// Daniel Wickman