Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big pikes and windy squalls

Hi guys!

We're in the middle of a busy fishing weekend with almost 50 anglers on site at the moment. Our in house guests comes from Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Netherlands.

For almost a week now we've been having very strong winds from N/NE. Winds squalls up to 23m/s made boat driving extremely tough but the ones who tried their luck this week has been quite successful. A returning group from Denmark left us today and during their five days of fishing they caught 180 pikes.

I went out together with colleague Willy the day before yesterday and we tried for a little less than four hours before work. In total we caught 14 pikes and Willy managed to catch a fish of 104cm. Nicely done! Most fish during our trip was caught in shallow water of 1-1.5m depth.

Water temperature is dropping fast and we're now having about 9-10 degrees while a week ago the temperature was 14 degrees. This is for sure inviting the big mamas to hit shallow waters.

A couple of more pikes over the magic +100cm mark has been caught by our guests last couple of days and I guess more is to come during the day. Wind strength is now down to 7m/s in average and up to 14m/s in squalls. Still strong winds but nothing compared with last few days as the squalls reached 23m/s several days.

To be back with new reports shortly!

// Daniel Wickman