Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Busy days!!

Hi guys!

Finally some time over to write a report and give an update about whats happening at Dragsö atm. The one and only reason why there sometimes is a longer break between my posts is lack of time. So is the case even this time.

During the last two weekends we've been exhibitors on fishing expos. The first one in Karlskrona which we arranged together with other fishing actors/camps. A great day where we gathered lure builders, camps, guides and important county administrative board. This project called "Karlskrona Fishing" is started to ensure and improve the fishery in Karlskrona area.

Second expo was held at the Sportfishing fair in Stockholm during last weekend. A three day long expo which attracted nearly 15.000 visitors. Busy but very fun days for sure! Me and Andreas worked together with Visit Blekinge's representative Malin. I think last time we participated in the sportfishing fair was 6 years ago so it was for sure about time to join in again.

Last week we also had some fishing groups at our camp and two guests were returning Swedes Anders & Peter. They visited us last year and decided to go back this spring to fish for some pre spawn ladys. Went out for a guided half day tour with them this time as well and we managed to catch about 10 pikes if I remember right, with the biggest one 86cm. No monsters but still a nice session and maybe next time we will catch that +100cm fish that we all wants to catch...

I also received some pictures from their stay and they actually managed to catch a nice sea trout on a pig shad as a bonus catch!

Furthermore, we also had a few groups here during last weekend while we were in Stockholm for the sportfishing fair. In two boats they caught 150 pikes during their stay which for sure is a good result!

During my few days of work last week and in the beginning of this week I went out together with Philip from Stinger Productions. Two days ago we caught 20 pikes in about 6 hours with a 92cm fish on top. Many pikes between 90-100cm were seen in shallow waters but obviously not interested enough to bite. In the same place I managed to catch a 99cm pike last week, so for sure big fish is found in shallow areas at the moment.

Water temp variates a lot, ranging from 4-8 degrees. It's always hard to say when spawning will start but I would guess that the first pikes will be starting in a couple of weeks if temperature increases as expected. We'll wait and see but until then we're looking forward to hear and see many more big pikes coming up!

I will try to give a new update this weekend so stay tuned! :)

// Daniel Wickman