Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A golden beauty

Hi guys! Time for another catch report. Went out yesterday again for a day of fishing on my own. I went up early but after several unlucky incidents, I didn't make my first cast until 10.00. This day sun was shining like never before and low winds from south/south-west. About 5 degrees in air and 4 degrees in the water. Spring is coming!

Fishing started out slow. I drifted in a big bay without any contacts during the first 30 minutes or so. I changed my plan and moved closer to the reeds and immediately got in contact with pikes. Shortly, I was up to 7 pikes of small size.

Continuously, I stayed close to Dragsö this day and fished surrounding bays. It was very clear this day that the pikes didn't bite on big lures. I downsized to a Pig shad Jr and this was once again the most effective lure for me. In several bays pikes were just sunbathing, in big numbers! You could see as many as 30-50 "clouds" from pikes swimming away on muddy bottoms without interest of biting.

In the afternoon I went to a bay where I have not been fishing so much before. 0,5-0.8m of depth in most part of the bay and a little bit murky water. In my first cast at this site I landed a small pike and this was just the start of many strikes, followers and so on. Soon enough I also got a good strike in the beginning of a cast. Immediately, I understood that this was a good fish and I fighted the fish with one hand and got the fish net ready in the other hand. On fairly light equipment, a BFT Microwave rod 15-50gr, this fish gave me a good fight.

When I had the fish secured in my net, I prepared my camera for some quick photos and measurement. To my contentment, this fish measured 103cm and was in good condition. Success!

I ended up with 16 pikes and went back to Dragsö about 16:00. Good time in the archipelago as usual :)

The rest of this week is filled with working duties, but on Sunday returning guests Anders & Peter is coming back for a guided trip on Monday. After this, I believe I will have one or two days of for some fishing again. To be back with more reports, and hopefully also with some pictures from upcoming miniconvent on Saturday, when "Karlskrona Fishing miniconvent" is arranged. If you're around Karlskrona on Saturday, don't miss it out!!

// Daniel Wickman