Monday, December 14, 2015

December is awesome!

Hi guys!

Even though our season is officially ended by now, this doesn't mean that we stop fishing. Last couple of days I've finally been able to go out fishing, together with Philip from Stinger Productions. Winter this year is still quite warm and we had day temperatures between 2-7 degrees over the two days this weekend. Water temp in the bays we tried this weekend was between 3-5 degrees.

Saturday started out slow with clear water on our first spot so we decided to go somewhere else to look for more colour in the water. At the next spot conditions looked good, even though water level was well over +50cm this weekend. It didn't take long until the first pikes was landed and our self esteem directly increased. This day I fished a lot with McPike in red tiger colour for the first time and what a success! A nice pike of 113,5cm inhaled my lure in 0,5-1.0m of water.

We continued on to catch some nice pikes around the 90cm margin and during mid day I landed another meter pike of 102,5cm. Super nice condition and strong fish!

Since sun is down at 15:30 this time of the year, we drove closer to the city of Karlskrona to give the surrounding area a final attempt of the day. Luckily, Philip caught another beauty of 111cm on a big soft lure called Renz the giant. Since it was very dark by the time this beauty was caught, things got a bit complicated when measuring and taking photos. Soon enough she was released and total happiness in the boat! In total we managed to catch about 20 pikes with our top 5 pikes measuring approx 507cm in together. Great result!!

Sunday was also spent on the water and once again we found the pikes quickly. Both days we were accompanied by Jens from Jenzza Lures who fished from his own boat in the same areas. We chatted a bit directly in the morning and was told that Jens already had seen a few pikes around the meter margin before we got there. I told him "Call or shout if you need any help if you catch a good fish!". It didn't take longer than 5 minutes before he shouted, "Hey! This could be a 10 kilo plus pike!".

We drove up beside his boat and helped him out with measuring his stunning catch and Philip took some great photos. This beast measured 107cm and 10,15 kilos! Congratz Jens to a great fish.

After this fish we continued on and got in contact with many pikes during the first hours. Several nice pikes between 85-96cm in our boat and we ended up with 18 pikes this day, and many many more followers and bites.

December is awesome!!

// Daniel Wickman



wow good review! Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this post.

great pikes and great blog! Keep on fishing and writing. Looking forward to go to Karlskrona during spring next year.