Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas pig!

Hi guys!

We're just a few days away from christmas holiday but the weather is still warm. Very warm actually. Day temperatures variates between 7-12 degrees and will continue like this for another week according to the forecast. This invites to great fishing possibilities and of course I tried my luck when I was of work a couple of days ago.

This time I was fishing alone for the first time in months and it actually felt quite strange. No one to talk to, except from the pikes following my lures :) Anyway, first stop in a shallow bay gave me good spirit directly since I had a follower within the first casts and caught a small one on my third cast. Weather conditions were promising with 5-7m/s winds from west and cloudy skies.

Pikes seemed to be very cautious since I had many followers but few strikes. At midday I decided to try some places I have not tried for a long time and this showed up to be a lucky decision. Just a few casts later I got a massive strike while drifting on a side of an island. Immediately I understood that this was a better sized fish and I successfully landed a beauty with my net. She had a very wide back, like a horse! This lady measured 105 centimeters and since I was alone, photo session becomes a bit difficult. A few iPhone selfies later and a short Go Pro clip gave me a few okey pictures. 19th meter plus pike for me in Karlskrona area this year so hopefully I can reach 20 before this year is over! :)

In total I managed to catch 13 pikes this day but I also had many many many more followers.....

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year if there won't be any more reports before the end of 2015!

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman