Sunday, February 8, 2015

Season premiere

Hi guys!

Went out for a short fishing trip today since I was off work. Earlier this week we had some really cold nights with temperatures far below freezing point. This allowed a thin layer of ice to cover whole Borgmästarefjärden and many of the surrounding bays but fortunatelly it didn't last for long. Yesterday we had +5 degrees and partly sunny weather so ice went away quickly.

Since one boat is in the water already, I just jumped into it around noon with low expectations. Yesterday water level was -15cm below normal but during the night and up to today water level actually increased to +65cm!! With those facts in mind and strong winds from north, I said to myself that I would be happy to catch any fish at all.

My main purpose with todays scout was actually to just try my gear and clothes. I'm going to Rügen in Germany again next week so everything must be working without struggle. 2 first stops showed no life at all and water temperature was just around +1 degree. One more stop in a small bay showed up to change everything. In less than 2 hours I managed to have a real pike race and landed 16 pikes on my own. All on Mouse spinning fly. Water temperature here was actually almost 3 degrees so once again this just showed how important temperature differences could be.

The biggest pike measured 91cm and gave me a good fight for being in February and cold waters. Insane amounts of pikes was gathered in the shallow bay 0.3-1.5m since I did see at least 40-50 pikes just following the lure or sun bathing on the sand bottom. 16 pikes in 3,5 hours is not to complain about a day like this! Great start of the year for sure and also good to ease a bit on my fishing abstinence..

I was also told that a very nice pike of 109cm and 10.6 kilos was caught today in Karlskrona by some young lads fishing with waders from shore. Great catch!!

// Daniel Wickman