Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Excellent fishing!

No other header describes the current fishing situation better. Last Sunday I went out for 6 hours on my own in the fantastic early spring weather. 5 degrees in the air, partly sunny and wind was coming in from SW of about 7m/s. Conditions looked great in advance and It showed up to be good for the pikes!

I decided early where to go and arrived to the first place around 10AM after a lazy morning. Water was murky enough to not see the bottom on 1m of depth. I wasn't sure if the pikes were going to be active in these waters but my question was answered quickly. About 1,5 hours later I left the bay with 16 caught pikes in the boat with two 85cm on top. I continued on in the beautiful weather and enjoyed my time on the water.

Pikes continued to bite on my McRubbers and around 1PM a good fish decided to dance with me. I was fishing in a really shallow and less windy bay, just about 0,5-1m of depth when this lady took my lure close to the surface. Directly I understood that the fish was of better dignity and I felt lucky to have my big fishing net prepared in the boat. After a short but intense fight she was ready to go in the net. It's to be honest a little tricky to fight and land a fish of this size on my own but everything went smooth. I didn't realize at first how fat she was, but when I saw her in the net I thought for myself "Shit!! This one might reach over +10kgs!" so I decided to bring out the weight scale.

When I started to lift the net in the weight scale, a Super samson digital, digits were quickly running upwards two digits. The scale stopped around 11.7kg but without net I counted the fish to be at least 10.4 kilos and only 104cm. A really fat mama and spotless structure without any wounds. Beauty!

Happy with this result I continued fishing when I received a report about a massive fish caught in our area by local fishing team Karlskronafiske.com. Sun was about to go down by this time so I decided to make a final stop at a well known area that holds nice fish. Conditions looked great to fish here and it took not more than 3-4 casts until a massive strike appeared in the other end of my rod. I felt that this fish was of better size as well and the fish was actually pulling out a lot of line several times. This was for sure a 1m+ pike I thought for myself.

The pike didn't show herself until the very end of our battle. I saw a big and bright shadow coming closer and another meter pike was about to be landed. Landing the fish went smooth once again and after measuring this fish I took some quick photos and released another beauty. 104cm and good condition on this pike as well. Approx weight around 8.5kg.

To sum up I ended up catching 33 pikes, most of them on McRubber but also on Mouse spinning fly.

Back home in my flat I was reached with the news that team Karlskronafiske.com and Willy who worked here partly last year was the lucky guy to catch a monster of 14.03 kilos and 114cm! One of the biggest pikes caught so far this season in whole Sweden. Huge congratulations Willy!!

Karlskrona is HOT right now :)

// Daniel Wickman