Thursday, November 27, 2014

Boats to be stored

Hi out there!

It's been a while now since last post here on the blog. This since I've been of work for a week. Last week I went to Rügen in Germany for some serious pike fishing together with Bodden Angeln guide service in north Germany. A successful trip with a new personal best for yours truly. There will be a report available shortly on the blog from the trip with pictures!

At the moment we are closing down for this season and in less than 2 weeks I'm gone for a long vacation in a much warmer country than ours. Every day now is spent to make all boats ready for the winter. For sure it takes some time to pull up, service and parcel 19 rental boats!

Last weekend we had our last weekend stay fishing groups here. They had really hard conditions with everything from dead calm sea, to frosty mornings and low water level. Still the Swedes managed to catch a couple of meter+ pikes with a fat fish a bit over 9kg on top.

On Monday 1st of December I will post a season summary with plenty of nice pictures and a long text summary of our whole fishing season in Karlskrona 2014.

// Daniel Wickman