Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1 month to go!

Hi guys,

Winter is coming closer but so far autumn is hanging in since we still have day temperatures around 9-13 degrees and water temps almost the same with an average of 11 degrees.

Upcoming weekend we will have 5 fishing groups here where some of them will bring their own boats. On Saturday many boats will be seen in Karlskrona archipelago since the annually arranged fishing competition KPT (Karlskrona Pike Tournament) will be on with 80 anglers competing.

In a month from now all boats will be up for winter storage. Until then we'll have our camp busy by guests staying for fishing holidays and other purposes. This weekend we have no cabins available but there is still a chance for those of you who still are thinking about going fishing this autumn in Blekinge.

Here is an updated list of available weekend packages in November

06-09 Nov - 0 Packages available
13-16 Nov - 0 Packages available
20-23 Nov - 1 Exclusive, 1 Luxury
27-30 Nov - 4 Exclusive, 1 Luxury

There is also available boats for daily rentals. As usual these Master410 boats needs to be reserved at least one day before arrival.

Until next time,

Tight lines!

// Daniel Wickman