Monday, October 14, 2013

Season to its end

Yeap, as the headline tells, fishing season 2013 is now more or less ended here at Dragsö Sportfishing in Karlskrona. All boats were out during the weekend and most anglers left us yesterday. Unfortunately many groups reported about slow fishing and not so many big ones either.

However a few groups did find the right spots and managed to catch +100 pikes in the boat during their stay of a little less than 4 days. Same boat had two pikes measuring over the meter margin as well.

For me this new week is beginning with a few days off work so I decided to go for a long trip today. During the day I managed to catch 17 pikes and also lost plenty! Biggest sizes reached 94,91,90cm plus a handful above 80cm. I guess there will be a trip tomorrow also since I'm leaving Dragsö in less than two weeks.. Will try to spend my spare time left on the water. Some hard working days with winter preparations is around the corner. It's hard to imagine now, but all boats will be up before Friday next week.

One group of guests is still at the campsite and they drove all the way from Czech Republic with their car to get here. They had 25 pikes in the boat today so not to bad numbers!

// Daniel Wickman