Monday, October 7, 2013

Blekinge Pike Festival 2013

Hi fellow readers.

In the past weekend we've been visited by about 300 anglers that participated in Blekinge Pike Festival. All our cottages and boats were booked and the boat jetty was filled to its limits with "pike racers".

During the week before the festival conditions looked very good but of course mother of weather nature wanted something else to the weekend. In just a few days water level decreased to 40 centimeters below normal sea level. This caused some trouble and actually we and a few other boats even had problem getting out from the boat jetty on Saturday morning when the competition started.

Many of the places that had been good lately wasn't even possible to fish at during the weekend. The lack of water made most bays to shallow. I was fishing with my boss Andreas and our friend Patrik (not former guide Patrick). In the first day we caught 14 pikes and the next day 17 but only one measured just above 80cm which was the minimum length of registration. Most pikes measured around 70cm in our boat.

Since the registration rules was changed this year, every angler could report one pike from Saturday and one from Sunday. The total length of those two pikes won the competition. Winner this time reached impressive 221 centimers! Winner also had the longest pike during the festival which measured 118 centimeters and by this he was elected Pike King. Respect!

Overall we had a very nice weekend even though the big ones stayed away from our lures. Now we're restoring every cabin and boat so everything will be ready for our last weekend of fishing season 2013. All Masterboats will be out and hopefully we can finnish strong with descent results for our guests.

We took some pictures during the festival days and also one picture of the 118cm winner pike is posted below.

// Daniel Wickman