Saturday, May 11, 2013

Busy holidays!

Hi to you all.

First of all, I'm sorry for not posting anything on the blog lately. A short explanation is that we are very busy at the moment. All boats are out and we have even made bookings over regular weekdays since we don't have any weekend nor week packages left at all. This combined with Swedish holiday and a full campsite makes both me and all the other staff very busy.

Secondly, due to this matter the chapter releases are pushed forward a bit since the time is not enough for writing at the moment. I hope you all have patience and understand that :)

With many boats out, we also have many catch reports that has been very good lately. Several fish over the meter has been caught last week including fish of 108cm (season high so far), 104, 102 and a bunch of 90's. Biggest pike so far was caught in shallow water by one of our returning Danish guests and the picture below shows his great catch.

We also had a group of French guests coming to us for their first time and left us yesterday after a week of fishing. 5 persons managed to catch over 200 pikes on their first visit. Good amounts and happy guests, for sure! Hopefully I will receive some pictures that can be posted here in the nearest future.

This morning 2 nice guys from Holland left us as well. They have been here many times now and managed to catch 130 pikes in 6 fishing days. Unfortunately the really big ones didn't show their interest this time but with nice weather and good amounts of fish, I believe they had a nice time here anyway.

What else to say? Most pikes are done with spawning now. A few samples has been caught with their mouths full of herring and other small preyfish such as gobys. Still fishing is good in some of our surrounding bays but also around the islands in the middle part of archipelago. So pikes are for sure spreading out widely at the moment.

More groups of fishing guests are leaving tomorrow and more reports will follow when catches is known.

Stay well and have a continously nice weekend!

// Daniel Wickman