Friday, May 17, 2013

Blue&White does excite


A lovely friday has started and all cottages and boats are out. Fortunately pikes continue to be active out there and most boats reports about good amounts. I was out yesterday on guided fishing with Dutch guest Stephan and his friend, who helped us out to translate our homepage to Dutch language last year. Since we went out at their first day, they were eager to get started.

It couldn't have started out better. Both guys caught fish on their very first cast and after 4 hours we could sum up approx 20 pikes with a top of 92cm. Two more fish measured over 80cm. Most pikes had been eating plenty of herring and therefore blue/white lures was working good. We caught fish on both small shads, softbaits and crank/jerkbaits.

Since fishing was good yesterday I decided to go out on my own this morning before work for a couple of hours. 10 pikes and a few ones lost in a little more than 2 hours. They were dancing out there!!

Upcoming weekend will be very busy and weather forecast tells me that fishing has good opportunities to be very good. Today we have summer weather with +20 degrees and East/North-east winds with strength of about 7m/s. 

// Daniel Wickman