Saturday, April 7, 2012

A windy easter

Hi folks!

We are now writing saturday and easter celebration is obvious around the campsite. Many families are visiting us to celebrate this holiday at the moment, eating lots of flavoured herring, potatoes, meatballs, varities of sausage and so on.

Of course we also have groups of fishermen here as well, fighting hard with daily changing wind prognoses. Yesterday we had about 10m/s southwest winds, and today really strong and cold north winds up to 14m/s. Some of our guests seem to have been succesfull earlier in the week though. Triple-strikes are rare, but happens a few times and so it did this week for a group of returning Swedish guests who are here for 5-days fishing.

I've also got reports about a few caught fish around the meter in size, by guests on our campsite. Winds are for sure playing with the pikes behavior, and todays north winds is not really helping out since it makes the water brown as chocolate milk. Nothing is impossible though, and winds are calming down a bit as well.

Hopefully we can look forward to a strong ending of the week with plenty big fish on photos and then released back!

Best regards,

Daniel Wickman