Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's about finding the key

Hi everyone!

As we read sunday in our calendars, another week has come to its end. 8 boats has been out on the water this week from our campsite, including guests from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Poland.

For me it has been a week full of work assignments. 4 guidings in the last 7 days with mostly Swedish guests but also with the national team of Russia in badminton. One of the lads in the Russian company managed to break his own personal best from about 2,5kg to around the 7kg barrier. Happy faces and for sure a nice, superfat fish!

But, to be honest, fishing has been though last couple of days for most guests. But, as with all fishing, It's all about finding the key! What I mean with this is simple. You can't just go to a hotspot and expect to catch loads of pikes. Even if there is pikes nearby, it doesen't mean that they will strike your baits as soon as they are pulled in front of their faces. You have to find out what they might find acceptable to digest for the minute.

To state an example, this week has been bad for those who tried their skills with jerkbaits. Especially the bigger sizes of jerkbaits. On the other hand, small jigs and other softbaits has been succesfull. Many pikes are just standing at the bottom of shallow areas and will not raise to take surface baits at the moment.

When finding the key of the day, you will open many doors. But if you struggle, and trying wrong type of keys, you will surely not be succesfull out there.

Before ending this post, I have to answer a question I get asked almost every day. Are the pikes spawning right now? Well my answer is yes, they do! But keep in mind, not all pikes are spawning at the same time, and with water temperature of 8 degrees many pikes will for sure wait a couple of days..

Stay well!