Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Special times

It's been some time now. Again. Sorry! However, finally time for an update on the blog.

Everyone already know about the situation caused by Corona. Therefore, I won't focus that much about it here. The only thing that needs to be mentioned is that we are still open, more or less as usual. Of course we have lost many bookings, mainly from guests from abroad for obvious reasons. Gladly, we have helped many of you already with new dates in the autumn or even next year already.

This year we didn't get any ice (or at least not much!) in the archipelago so fishing was possible early. Lots of our boats went in the water already in February and the last ones of our 18 rental boats was in the water in the beginning of April. However, so far we haven't needed our full boat fleet any weekend. Gladly, we still have some weekends where 10-13 boats are booked the same dates. For upcoming weekend we have 10 rental boats going out.

Personally, I have never before experienced a spring with this good numbers caught as this year. Before the end of March, I registered more than 800 pikes caught either with friends, on my guided tours or alone. One single day I caught 106 pikes together with my friend Jörgen. However, that was 1st of March. A lot has happened since then. Pikes are now more or less done with spawning and are now starting to eat to fill their empty stomachs. Last weekend was overall tough with few bites but lots of followers. Many boats struggled to catch even a handful of pikes per day while the best boat reported about approximately 40 pikes caught.

As many of you might have heard already, from 1st of April we finally got some new fishing restricted areas to protect the pikes during spawning and pre-spawn. In the surroundings of Karlskrona it covers five new areas/bays plus a few areas which was originally protected in autumn but which now are extended to cover also the spring season. The new regulated areas are valid from 1/1-31/5 annually.

We still have availability for both guided trips and fishing packages or even day rentals for most dates in May. Some weekends in the autumn season is soon to be fully booked since we had several guests with postponed trips to autumn season.

We hope to see you soon @ Camp Dragsö Sportfishing and stay healthy!

// Daniel Wickman