Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mid October update

Fall is here and nature is showing its pride with colourful leaves on all trees, birds migrating for warmer latitudes but most importantly, pikes are feeding!

It's the time of the year when most people are in "working mode" but still, for those with some days left to go fishing, this is a lovely time to do so. On regular week days you can be more or less alone on the water. Pikes are moving in to the shallow areas now to feed and find their home for the next half year or so. Temperatures is still very comfortable with 10-13 in day time and about 6-9 degrees in the night.

Last few weeks we've had high water level and many days with north winds. For our area, this equals with very clear water in most of the archipelago and sometimes more tricky fishing. As always some boats have difficulties finding the keys for success, while others catch good numbers. Results last couple of weeks has variated between 3-50 pikes per day and boat.

Last week I had a couple of guide trips on my schedule with returning guests. First day we caught 24 pikes, while second day resulted in 18 pikes. Unfortunately, a nice fish over the three digits in size was lost in very shallow water close to the boat. Next time, we get her all the way to the net!

Yesterday I spent my day off work on the water together with our former colleague Willy. Or well, he still do some days on the camp but since he started his studies earlier this year, unfortunately these days are easy to count. Anyway, we had fantastic fishing yesterday! 38 pikes was caught and almost half of them measured well above +80cm in size, with bigger ones caught to. In some areas, like the one we stayed in yesterday, pikes are getting fat and are very strong to fight. 

This week we will welcome a total of 11 fishing groups and in the beginning of next week my colleague Ivan will be busy. Together with students from the Swedish Sportfishing academy they will fish and guide during the annual ABU pike camp for youngsters for several days. 

It's going to be some nice upcoming weeks and we have rental boats available until the end of November. Come and enjoy the archipelago of Karlskrona :-)

// Daniel Wickman