Thursday, October 4, 2018

October update

Hi fellow readers,

It's been some time since the last report.. sorry for that. However, now it's time to look back at the last few weeks of fishing. Continuously, I must say that fishing this autumn has been great. Numbers is mostly good and topped with some nice fish as well. Another fun thing is that reports of perch is really good this year. As far as I remember, perch fishing has not been this good in many many years.

During last few weeks we've been visited by many anglers. Both for weekends and whole weeks. Most of time with good results but of course with exceptions. That's fishing! Some weekends we have up to 60-70 anglers on site and we're not always able to get reports from everyone. But, as far as I know the biggest fish caught by our guests this autumn is 119cm.

Blekinge Pike Festival was arranged last weekend and we were once again more or less fully booked. The competition itself had about 360 anglers this time, about 100 less than previous years, but still lots of anglers. Biggest fish caught was 114cm and this year there was a side competition where each angler put together his/hers five longest fish, exceeding 80cm. Our colleague Willy and his boat team did very well in this competition since they managed to catch 13 fish over 80cm. Good job! In my boat we didn't have the best results. However, Martin in my boat caught a 97cm fish that ended up as 10th place.

This year approx 100 pikes (so far) has been marked with a yellow tag in Rosenholm/Skönstavik/Lindesnäs area. If you fish in this area, make sure to check if your catch is marked with a yellow tag and report the catch according to the information on the tag!

Yesterday, I tried to fish perch for just about 30 minutes before pike fishing with my friend Calle. With a large portion of luck, I was soon hooked up with a good fish. Or good, it showed up to be a great fish! My new personal best was a fact and after weighing the fish twice, with the same result, the weight was set to 1,72 kilos. I think I will never catch a fish like that again, so for sure I was happy with this catch yesterday!

Once again we have a lot of guests arriving today and also on Saturday. This weekend we have all of the boats booked and conditions looks promising. It will be interesting to see their results!

// Daniel Wickman


So Daniel, what happened in Dragso since Oct 4th? Did you have a nice end of season? Dimitri