Friday, May 4, 2018

Biggest pike this season

May is finally here and as most of you guys already now, this is the peak season for pike fishing in Karlskrona. There is no doubt that the interest is continuously high with approx 60-70 anglers visiting Dragsö this weeek. Tomorrow and Sunday will offer a bit crowded archipelago since Sportfish Masters is arranged over two days, with about 60 teams competing on Saturday and 50 teams on Sunday.

Last weekend was a busy one to, and many big fish was reported by our guests. At least ten pikes of more than 100cm was reported to us by guests, and most lucky was for sure Sören from Denmark. He managed to catch five pikes of more than 100cm during his stay over a few days. His top five was 115,112,107,105,101cm. Impressive for sure! And even more impressive was that the biggest fish didn't spawn yet and weighed in at 14,2 kilos. The biggest fish caught by our guests in many years.

As always at this time of the year, we receive many questions regarding spawning. Are they done yet? Where is the fish now? We see many fish but they don't bite! Yes, we have daily questions and discussions like these. It's always hard to tell where in the process the fish is, but I can for sure tell that not all pikes has been spawning yet. Many of them are done by now, but not all of them. We received the first reports of really slim pikes caught already three weeks ago, but we also receive reports more or less daily of either pikes caught that has not yet been spawning, but even more reports of pikes in "spawning mode" in the bays. However, the results are improving more or less every day, with better numbers coming up and more active fish.

Furthermore, about 20 pikes has now been marked with yellow tags in Karlskrona archipelago. All of them in two selected bays north of Dragsö. If you catch one of these, make sure to report this catch to the phone number printed on the tag.

More reports to follow shortly!

// Daniel Wickman