Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ice ice ice

Hi guys,

By this time, I was hoping to share a catch report from Karlskrona but so far there is still ice in most areas, which have forced us to cancel last week and this weeks booked groups. Day temperatures is around 4-6 degrees while night temperatures unfortunately offers negative degrees most nights. This means the situation with ice is going very much up and down. Yesterday, people were still ice skating inside Borgmästarfjärden, which is the area between Dragsö and Karskrona city.

Earlier this week we were visited by approx 450 guests from Poland. However, they did not visit us for fishing purposes. They came here to swim in the ocean (!). So they literally had to cut up the ice with a chainsaw, and then went swimming together. Totally crazy, but for sure a funny happening!

Now we hope for warmer temperatures so we can make our boats ready and welcome our first guests of this season. We hope to launch the boats next week, but it's very hard to tell when the ice will allow us to do so.

Please ice, GO AWAY!

(Picture with swimmers from Monday, pictures below from today)

// Daniel Wickman