Monday, February 12, 2018

A new season is around the corner

It's been a long break from blog posts but slowly we're now approaching warmer months and open waters. We're not quite there yet, but hey, the one who waits for something good...

Yesterday I came back home from a long holiday break in the Philippines. Turquoise waters, sandy beaches, green palms and warm temperatures. It's for sure a big difference from Karlskrona. Currently, we have day temperatures between +2 and +4 degrees, cloudy skies and thin ice is covering most bays in the archipelago. Actually, some people were even ice skating in the bay of Dragsö a few days ago. Many nights offers temperatures below zero so it might be a week or more until the ice goes completely away.

Since the ice is covering most of the surrounding area, we have not been able to put in any boats yet. When weather allows we're more than ready to put in the boats one by one. I have a good feeling about this short(?) ice situation, I think our beloved pikes gets a well needed break from any disturbance and hopefully, pre spawn fishing will be excellent this year!

So, what's going on at Camp Dragsö at the moment? Well, some of us is working as usual in our reception. Answering emails, updating our websites and sorting out other "paper work". Some of us is working with improvements in the kiosk and restaurant building which requires a lot of our attention at the moment. It will be a great improvement when completed and even though nothing is 100% decided yet, we aim to be opened even during fishing season so our guests can enjoy good food, purchase lunch boxes to bring on the water and much more.

We'll keep our fingers crossed. Ice is soon to be gone and fishing season 2018 can start for real!

// Daniel Wickman