Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter fishing

We are approaching a new year but still there is a few more weeks left of 2017. The waters around us is still open, no ice yet. Of course this means we still fish during our time off work. Two days ago I went out with Philip and the forecast looked pretty good. Approx 6m/s SW winds, with squalls up to 11m/s. Cloudy and no rain until late afternoon, and approx 2-3 degrees.

Well, it's not really something new. But the meterologists was obviously on holiday break since the forecast wasn't even close to be correct. During the first hours of Sunday the water was calm as a mirror. We still gave it a try and soon enough I caught a 96cm pike and a few small pikes as well in the boat. Then, after about an hour, snow and hail was coming down on us in great amounts. We still continued and just like if someone turned on the "wind button", waves was building up really fast and conditions had changed dramatically.

Fishing wasn't easy and it didn't help that snow continued to drop in rich amounts. About five hours later we gave up when everything in the boat was covered with snow and our hands was more cold than inside a freezer. In total we caught six pikes but for some reason, it was still worth it!

Water temperature at the moment is somewhere between 1,5 - 3,0 degrees in most areas inside the bays. Day temperatures in the air is still about five degrees so hopefully there won't be any ice in the upcoming weeks. As I have told many times before, December to March is the best time of the year to catch a really big (and heavy!) pike. Therefore, I hope to get a few more chances before the ice might hit us.

To be back with more reports!

// Daniel Wickman



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