Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November starts with a beast!

Hi guys!

A new month has begun and November is our last opening month of this season when it comes to fishing packages. As you might have read in previous posts we've already started to pull up a few boats. Actually already 8 of them to be precise. All of them is sent away for engine service so they can be ready as soon as possible next season.

Fishing has been continuously tough but if you find the right spots you can be rewarded. A nice example of that is my good friend Jakob who visit us several times every season. He came again last Friday for a weekend of fishing and definitely found the right spot! A foggy morning with low winds on Sunday didn't matter when a big mama striked his McRubber. Jakob has been visiting us for many many years and for many many times without reaching the magic mark of 10 kilos in Karlskrona area. This time he did! A beautiful lady of 113cm agreed to be photographed with him and shortly after that swimming back to her right elements. Big congratulations my friend!

I also had a day off yesterday and tried my luck. Result wasn't great but 6 pikes was caught and lovely weather in the beginning of November. Most pikes was caught on a lure called CL Shad 18 by Caesar Lures in motoroil colour but also on McRubber in same colour.

We will continue to service our boats upcoming weeks but are still open for both fishing packages and guided tours so if you want to experience our wonderful archipelago and fishing this autumn it's still possible!

Take care!

// Daniel Wickman