Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June biggies

Hi guys!

A bit strange to write a report this week since fishing season is "over" for this spring. We had one Swedish group here during last weekend for a couple of days but thats about 50-60 anglers less than previous weekends so for sure a big difference! Even though our official season for fishing is over, this doesn't mean that all pikes disappear and fishing sucks until August. It's actually many times the opposite!

I've been out trying my luck 2 times during the last couple of days with variating results. 4 days ago I went out a few hours before work and managed to catch 3 pikes between 85-92cm and a few smaller ones as well. I also had a M A S S I V E follower! First I made a long cast with a Real Eel 40cm and felt a small strike without setting the hooks. I continued on retrieving my lure and in the end when the lure came close to the boat a huuuuge fish followed with interest all the way. I estimated the fish to be +120cm......... Huge disappointment. Fortunately I managed to catch a beauty as well when a really fat and golden coloured pike ate my Real Eel 30cm. She measured in around the meter margin and was a small consolation for the big fish that followed a little earlier.

I also went out yesterday to try my luck. With moderate winds from west and sunny weather I decided to start in the middle part of archipelago around all the islands. Fishing didn't go to well so I moved even further out but without success. Only a few small pikes was landed before I accidently caught a horn pike. Since pike fishing was slow I spent some time to catch the horn pikes instead. Soon enough I moved on to fish for pikes again but this time inside some bays.

Obviously fish was found in the bays and during the afternoon my amounts got a bit better and I also managed to catch a fat meter pike in very shallow water on a Big Mcrubber. Great fun and this was also a good time to end up my day on the water.

A few guided trips is still on my schedule but on Thursday I will be going on a short vacation break so there might be a week until the next post will be written.

Until then, take care and have some fishy days!

// Daniel Wickman