Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Windy squalls and fishy days!

Hi guys!

As I mentioned in previous post a few days ago I was going to have some days off work so now it's time for another fishing report.

Yesterday invited to extreme conditions since wind was so strong that even some Swedish railways was closed down in south of Sweden due to hard winds. About 20m/s in squalls made it hard for anglers to be out on the water but what the hell, If there is water there is also probably fish to catch!

To be honest it was a bad, really bad day. In many hours I managed to catch 2 pikes and didn't really see to many fish either. Anchor didn't grip most of times and I struggled a lot. Not much more to tell than that......

Today was a new day but with yesterdays results in mind it took me until after lunch to step in the boat. Went out for 5 hours and it didn't take long to catch the first fish of the day. I was testing many new rods today so fishing wasn't performed to effective but I anyhow caught some decent pikes. Big Mcrubber helped me to catch 3 nice pikes just below the meter margin in a small area and my self confidence was restored. Wind was hard today aswell as the rain. I was soaking wet when I got back to Dragsö about 5 hours later.

What to sum up of these trips? Well temperature has dropped a little since last weekend so now we experience water temps around 5-8 degrees in most areas. Many pikes are now done with spawning but still some fat pigs can be seen so after spawn madness will probably have to wait a little more.

Upcoming days will be filled with guided trips and several returning and new groups to arrive in a few days.

Fishy regards,

Daniel Wickman