Sunday, August 24, 2014

Autumn starts good!

Hi guys,

In previous post I wrote about fishing season was about to start. Now, 10 days later, we're definitely in it. Both water and air temperature has dropped quite fast which means that we now experience 16-17 degrees in the water and maximum 18 degrees in air during daytime and just about 10 degrees in night time.

We've already had our first couple of guided fishing trips during this week with okey results. The day before yesterday with a Swedish group resulted in 24 pikes in an 8 hour trip but to be honest fishing was rather slow. During the last week winds and overall weather has been really bad. Wind squalls up to 19m/s for many days and some hardcore rain. This had an negative effect on most pikes since they went passive and not into feeding. Most pikes that came up both yesterday and the day before carried plenty of parasites due to passivity.

But, It should also be mentioned that several really nice pikes has been caught since last post 10 days ago in our surrounding area (Karlskrona). Top pikes last 10-12 days according to what I know has been measuring 118, 115, 111, 107, 106, 104cm. Several above +10kgs. 4 of these caught by our guests! Great start of autumn season for sure.

Weather looks much better upcoming week so I hope that big pikes will keep coming. 4 groups to come next week and a couple more guided trips.

Went out yesterday on my day of work for a half day and caught 21 pikes with a friend of mine. No big ones but still fun fishing. To be mentioned is that pikes are very spread out at the moment. Lately I've experienced fishing to be good really far out in the archipelago as well as in the middle part. A few reports about acticity in shallow bays already as well.

Just said bye bye to a group of Swedish guests that made their first visit to Karlskrona. In 2,5 days of fishing the 6 lads managed to catch 146 pikes with this beuty beast of 111cm - 11.1kgs on top. Great results!

Tight lines!

// Daniel Wickman