Thursday, April 10, 2014

Season begins

Hi to all,

Today we will have several fishing groups coming to us and actually this is more or less the first weekend that we're officially opened. The last boat will be going into the water today. This fact is why there hasn't been any reports lately. To busy working on the field to get everything ready!

But, of course some fishing has been done anyway. I was off work last weekend and spent both days on the water. First day resulted in 14 pikes with a friend of mine where most fish was caught on a Wolf Tail Jr shallow in eelpout colour. No biggies though.

Sunday was very cloudy and a bit foggy as well. Went out on my own and managed to catch 14 pikes, most of them in really clear water. I experienced that small lures was better than big ones this weekend. Maybe pikes just want appetizers before spawning? No fish of these 28 this weekend had spawn already, but one fish did drop some eggs in the boat. Spawning is close, and will most probably begin any time now. It's always hard to estimate but as I keep saying to worried guests, you can always find places where pikes are willing to bite. If they're in the middle of spawning in a bay 30 minutes west of Dragsö, you can easily move 30 minutes the other direction and probaly then find places where pikes are a step behind, or past spawning.

Another question that I frequently receive in my mailbox is where to find the pikes at the moment. I would like to say that most of them are located far inside the bays right now. My biggest pike from last weekend was caught on about 0.5m of water. I tried deeper waters but without success.

Some guided tours on my schedule for the weekend so hopefully I have reports to share with you from our guests on Sunday!

// Daniel Wickman